My Craigslist Ad

I wrote this ad about…oh I dunno, last year. I think. It was a while ago. But here it is. Enjoy. 😀
You’ll notice it says “general for sale” but I also posted it in “baby/kid stuff” with the title “Create A Baby”.


Tucson craigslist > for sale / wanted > general for sale

SPERM FOR SALE – $30 (Rita Ranch)

Date: 2010-10-18, 11:30PM MST
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

I am now opening my own business where I sell my semen to those who need it, or to those who want it for whatever reason it may be. I’ve already researched it and it isn’t illegal to sell my sperm, so why not. I mean, people will pay a lot of money to get artificially inseminated and then there’s the chance it never works. Well, I don’t charge as much. Hell, I don’t even charge $30. I just put that so I could have something in the price box. Just make your offer and I’ll accept or decline. Think about it, you want a kid or two or three.. possibly 7 or 8 if you’re like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kate Gosselin.. but whatever. You can’t have kids naturally, rather than paying an ass load of cash for something that might flop, pay a little bit for something that might flop.
Also, I will also be selling my urine. So for all the drug users out there who are worried about random piss tests, worry no more! My urine is pure and will always be pure just for the sake of good business. You can call it.. purine, if you will :). Just make an offer!

Please email with any questions, comments, concerns, or interests and I’ll be happy to reply with an appropriate answer.

  • Location: Rita Ranch
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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