This blog is now dedicated for me to put down whatever it is I’m thinking, feeling, etc. It’s mainly for my entertainment, but I also wish for other people to enjoy their visit here.
I recently decided to start doing opinion pieces and I feel that a lot of people could enjoy that.

My name is Jason. I’m 18 and less than two months away from graduating high school. Yes, I’m going to college. However, how I’m going to pay for it is still up in the air; I think I’ll manage a way though. I wish to major in computer engineering, but the university gave me computer science. I’ll make quick work of fixing that.
You might be one of those people who cares about bloodlines and heritage and stuff like that. Well, I’m Italian, Sicilian, Irish German, French, Dutch, and Apache Indian. I love my Italian heritage, although I don’t know any one on the side I got it all from. I wish to travel the world one day and visit each of the countries my blood comes from just to get a feel for who I really am, as cliche as that sounds.
You also might be someone who gives a crap about the looks of a person. Well, I’m 6’3 and pretty well built and in shape. I have long dirty-blond hair and I’m almost always wearing my beanie. I have a piercing in my left ear and I don’t know the name of it, but it’s that hoop thing with the spikes on each end.
If you were to ask my favorite feature on my body, it would have to be my eyes. They change color almost daily. They change with my mood, the temperature/weather, and sometimes with what I wear. They’re typically blue-green, but they’ve been known to turn green, bright blue, dark blue, teal, and then a combo of forest green, dark blue, and yellowish tinge mixed in. There’s probably other colors I don’t know about, but I do when I’m legitimately pissed off, they turn gray/silver. We’ll leave it at that for my appearance.
My personality? Well, it’s variable. I’m generally a quick witted smart ass. I’m confident. I’m easy to talk to, but I’m shy at first so play nice. I have a unique sense of humor about me. If I want you to be offended by something, I’m good at letting you know. I’m also easily pissed off or annoyed, but I know what happy is and I know how to embrace it.
What about recreational activities?! Well, I enjoy working out. I’ve been in weights training for 4 years and it’s done some pretty…amazing wonders. I ride my bike. I play soccer. I play football. But I do love kicking back and playing video games on my PlayStation 3. Some games I play are any Call of Duty, Rock Band 3, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and the Assassin’s Creed games. I’m an active person, I just appreciate relaxing equally. I’m also a fly boy! I’ve recently taken up a hobby in aviation, and it’s fantastic. =P
Music? I fucking love music. It’s an important part in my life. I love all kinds of music, I suppose. I just strongly dislike most country and I can’t stand what happened to rap. I’m typically a metal head, but I’ll listen to pretty much anything with the word “rock” or “metal” attached to it. Top five favorite bands: Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, and Five Finger Death Punch. But I listen to a lot of other bands. You’d be surprised by my music base. I’m also a drummer, but I haven’t been in the seat of a real kit in quite some time, so I’m more than likely rough around the edges. But I still get my fix by playing the drums on Rock Band cause it’s the closest I can get for now. One day I’ll get my dream drum kit back.

Well, there’s a page that’s about me and about my blog. I think I’ve used this page wisely.
Enjoy your stay.


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