4 days…

I’m getting anxious. On the 6th I’ll be going to my recruiter’s office at 0900 to give my final reporting statement as “Trainee Tisone”, have my last breakfast with my mom, then go up to Phoenix to do my final swear in. Then I rest that night and the next morning I’ll get bussed to the airport, get flown to San Antonio, then bussed to Lackland AFB where I will begin my basic training.
The excitement is just…overwhelming. Nerves? None yet. I hear once you’re on the final bus ride is when they kick in, we’ll see.

This is the start of my life. I’ve had many people who support me in my decision and a few who have been against it for whatever reason. It’s not about going to war to fight for some politicians interests. Unlike the blind I know there’s more to war than just that. Counter-terrorism isn’t about oil and it’s more widespread than just the Middle East.
It’s about serving my country, giving back, doing what I want to do, doing what I need to do. This is my calling. I had forgotten about it since the time I first said I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was six years old. Six years old. Too often little kids say their dream job is this or that, then they lose sight of it or never really meant it. That was almost me. Almost. Now I’m pursuing the dream and I will live it.

To those of you who read this and live in Tucson, Arizona, I’m sorry to say I don’t ever want to end up here again. Visiting is fine for a week or two max, but living here is something I don’t want to do after this. I want to end up somewhere new, see the world, experience all it has to offer. I want to give my kids more than the same house their entire life like I had (in my case, city). My mom is stuck on the idea that I’m going to try my hardest to get stationed here. To avoid hurt feelings, I simply smile and nod when she asks. The reality is, though, I’m going to try my hardest to not get stationed here. It has nothing to do with my mom, my friends, or anyone else. This place is just boring, it’s hot as fuck, it’s pretty gorgeous in some areas, but otherwise it’s not a place I’d like to continue my life. I’m hoping for up north somewhere or on the east coast, somewhere it’s actually cold during the winter. I don’t mean a low of 10 degrees one day out of the year and never again. I mean a low of 10 or colder, below zero wouldn’t be unwelcomed, multiple days in a row. A place where I can feel happy, comfortable, and as hippy as it sounds, a part of the landscape.
So no hard feelings, I just don’t want to be here anymore.

It’s time to spread my wings and fly. No Air Force pun intended. And I’m quite excited about it.
I guess this will be the last post on here until I can get my laptop back. So long, stay safe everyone.


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