About a week left

A week and two days really. Until my life really starts. And by my life, I mean mine. Me on my own, being in the world alone, making my own decisions (apart from what the military tells me to do). I’m excited, really. But at the same time, it’s a little, let me stress that, a little bittersweet. I’m leaving behind friends and family, but they understand.

Tonight I had a…nice experience. I was able to communicate with my sister. For those of you who know…that’s a little bit hard to do. It was a little emotional. But I always knew she was here and now my mom does too. Love you, Kaitlyn…

Today I’m going flying for the last time before I leave. I really can’t wait, flying is just great. The sky is where I’m meant to be and one day I’ll be flying through it at supersonic speeds and higher. One day.
I can’t really do certain controversial posts anymore…the government wouldn’t like that. I have to be careful what I say now. More posts coming next week, I’ll finally have time.