Today I decided to rant about the shootings in Connecticut, and no, it isn’t what you think. This was started on a website I frequent when I’m bored and feel like pissing people off. Which is a lot.

It basically started with people commenting about how pissed off they were and how wrong and bad they think it is. This was my rant that made someone call me ignorant. Lol. Okay.

“But seriously I don’t care. People die every fucking day. Why don’t we get pissed about that?
I don’t see anyone get upset at how many elderly die from being sick.
I don’t see anyone get upset over unborn children dying from their mom’s miscarrying.
I don’t see anyone get upset when everyday people turn up missing or turn up murdered after being raped.
I don’t see anyone get upset over all the men and women overseas who lose their lives for shit they shouldn’t even be there for.
What about the kids and adults who die from violence every day across the country? Across the continent? Across the world? None of you care about those people.
But as soon as something like this is put on the news, THEN you care. THEN you pretend to give a shit and pretend to be high and mighty because you worry about your image. “Oh no, better say something supportive about this so I don’t look bad…”.

Everyone is so inconsistent that it’s sad. If you’re going to give a shit and get upset about one thing, give a shit and get upset about the rest. You don’t give any thought to anything bad in the world unless it’s brought to your attention, then you jump on the bandwagon for feeling bad.

Welcome to the world, people. It’s fucked up. It’s cold. It’s unforgiving. Get used to it and stop caring only when it’s in your best interest to do so.

And no, none of these yous are directed at any one person, I’m just ranting. And now I’m done.”

And this is really how I feel. It’s the truth. And if you’re one of those people who can’t see it, then I feel bad for you.


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