Video Games and Violence?

So like I said, I’m doing a piece on my thoughts of violent video games and their impact on people in the real world. I won’t say much about this one I guess because my view is pretty straightforward.
I decided to do this one because I was going an assignment in class one day and stumbled across an article that said the man who shot up the Norwegian youth camp stated he had ‘used Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as a way of training himself to shoot’. Click here for the link to the article.

Anyway. A man saying he used a video game to help him train to shoot?? Absurd. But guess what? It added more fuel to the fire of “video games make people violent in real life”. That argument is always going to get under my skin because: A) I’m a gamer myself. B) I’m a logical human being who knows that there’s no way in fuck a video game is going to go make someone commit a crime.
I mean really. There are SO MANY gamers in the world who play games that are way more violent. Do they commit crimes? No. Why? Because they’re not fucking idiots.

Look. If someone is going to commit a crime, they’re going to commit a crime. The urge to be a criminal is going to be there whether they knit blankets or they get in fights or whatever. My point is, it’s going to be there. Criminals do what they do for excitement or because they’re unstable or depraved of attention or whatever. Not because they killed a hooker for their money back in a game and that prompted them to go on a murderous rampage at the nearest supermarket.
There’s this thing called reality. There’s this other thing called virtual reality. 95% of people know how to tell the fucking difference. It may be okay in a video game to shoot someone in the knees, beat them in the face with a crowbar after they’re on their knees, shove the crowbar down their throat then rip it out, and finally chop their limbs off, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do it in reality. Why? Because it isn’t. And people know it isn’t. It’s the ones who are fucked in the head and can’t tell the difference between fake and real that are influenced by video games to do stupid shit. And what’s worse? It takes a few rotten apples to spoil the whole bunch. People flip the fuck out when they see a few articles on people who committed a crime and it’s later revealed that the criminal is a video gamer. But they pay no mind to the ones who DON’T go crazy because of violent games.
Let’s do a quick fact check. According to this site 70% of the world’s population play video games. Taking into account that the current world population is 7,012,980,764 according to the site I just looked at, 4,909,086,535 people in the world play video games. So. Doing some simple math here, one guy commits mass murder and blames it on video games. That one guy accounts for .00000000203704% of the video gamer community. That’s so small a number that it doesn’t even matter. Now let’s say that there are 1,000 people just like him and we can just move everything closer to the decimal a few places: .000000203074% of the gaming community are crazy fucks who use video games as a crutch to commit crime. That’s still NOTHING. Let’s take United States’ population of 313,533,173 people then to see what we get. It comes to a whopping .064% of the gaming population is affected by video game violence and as a result they commit crime. Let’s just be nice and say that if there were 313,533,173 who commit crimes in real life because of video game violence, that would only account for .1% of the gaming community. Which means 99.9% of the gaming community DOESN’T commit crimes because of video game violence.
I’m sorry. Just because .1% of video gamers don’t know how to tell the fucking difference between reality and virtual reality doesn’t mean the rest of us need to suffer because video games are going to start being made less violent. Are you fucking kidding me?

Basically, it comes down to knowing the difference between right and wrong (something that should be taught by the parents, which can go back to the advertising post). If someone doesn’t know the difference, they’re likely unstable/twisted or their parents never fucking taught them. It’s up to the parents of today that let their children play these kinds of games to teach them that it’s not okay to just blast a hooker in the face because she didn’t get in your car. It’s up to the parents to teach morals to their children. And if they can’t handle that, there’s game ratings for a fucking reason. “M +17″ generally translates to this: Mature, ages 17 and up permitted to play.” Why? Because they’re mature enough to know the fucking difference between right and wrong, fiction and reality by then. If a 10 year old is playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty or whatever, they need to be guided and taught that it’s okay in the game, not in reality. But if someone is twisted in the head, it just gives them ideas and it can’t be helped. Institutionalize them.

Bottom line of this: If we say 313,533,173 (almost half a billion) people are affected by video game violence to the point they commit crimes or become violent in real life, that’s only one-tenth of a fucking percent of the ENTIRE gamer community.
And with that fact, all the “anti-violence in video games” people can gracefully press their lips upon my rump (and that of the other 99.9% of gamers) and kiss it fucking repeatedly, because video games don’t fucking make people violent. If people are criminals and they play video games that are violent, so fucking what. They’re fucked in the head. The game isn’t corrupting them.
So shove a dick in that shit-spewing mouth, sit the fuck down, do some research, and find something else to bitch about. Thanks.


7 responses to “Video Games and Violence?

  1. This was fucking amazing. I agree with you and i just wanted to say one thing. I think it is possible for someone to get fucked up in the head to the point where they commit a crime because of video games. I don’t think they will go and rob a liquor store, I’m mainly referring to people now seeing as killing people as a shocker. I think it mainly affects kids whose parents are to stupid to concern themselves with that their kids watch and what kinds of games they choose to buy them.. It seems to me that violent video games brainwashes everyone but i think it would have the most negative effect on children who are too young to be playing those kinds of games. When I say that we are all being brainwashed, I mainly refer to us not seeing someone getting shot in the head as disturbing. We don’t even take into account how realistic these games are because we are so accustomed to seeing violence. Kids just react differently and I think they are the ones that can really be in danger of being that tiny percent of people who are affected. Its not just because the parents don’t get involved, its mainly because kids will see a movie or a cartoon and they want to be those characters. I’m sure that you as a kid would see a movie with a cowboy or some sort of good guy who had cool powers or an awesome weapon and you would be in some way inspired to play pretend. I think thats how these kids could start and that is why I think that if the world is so concerned about video games violence causing people to commit crimes then they should force video games companies to change their adds. Like the beer commercials that are forced to put somewhere on their commercial “drink responsibly”. If the world is so worried they should just promote awareness to the stupid parents and fix the “problem”.

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