Random topic: War/Peace

I went ahead and decided to not pick a topic off the list this time, because today I started thinking about this one. What got me started on it? I heard yet another person speak the naivety of “we can all get along and end the silly wars of today and of the future”. So, here are my thoughts on war/peace. No, I’m not trying to be pro-war and no, I’m not trying to be pro-peace. In this case I’d consider myself more of a Devil’s Advocate on the issue, supporting both while at the same time renouncing both.

To say “we can all get along” is like saying the human body can survive without blood coursing through its veins. It just isn’t possible, and nothing anyone says or does is ever going to change it.
Let me quickly give you one of the four definitions my dictionary gives me for “war” as this is the one that best suits where I’m going to be taking this right now. War is “a state of competition, conflict, or hostility between different people or groups”. Since the turn of time and the beginning of life on this planet, there has always been war. While not always between humans, it has existed between living organisms for the eons that life has been present on earth. It’s a state of competition that enables the winner, and the strongest, to survive. It’s called survival of the fittest in this sense. Species pitting themselves against other species in order to dominate and come out on top as the victor, moving on through time in a short period of peace until faced again with war. This has been going on through every single species ever known to earth, whether animal or plant or microorganism. After every war follows a time of peace. Where species CAN get along for a short moment in time. Then once again, some conflict in ideals or intentions starts yet another war. This can’t be argued. We all know the story of survival of the fittest and how it works. Even since people have been around, there’s always been war amongst themselves or the environment and wildlife around them. Man against man, tribe against tribe, nation against nation. Man against animal, man against climate, man against environment as a whole. However, there is always a period of peace to proceed a war. Two tribes duke it out against each other until they are no longer capable to do so or there is a clear winner. After that, peace falls and man has a period of tranquil times with little conflict.

War, to me, is just another way of saying natural selection. Within each species, there is always a weak link or present threat, and that weak link or threat is eliminated through war. While, I will admit, wars of modern day are started over the silliest things sometimes (like oil for example), it is still a way of eliminating weak links or threatening entities in the human population. As cruel as that does sound, there is truth to it. Weak links and threatening entities are not beneficial to life or any of the factors of it. There is always something to threaten peace, and there is always something weak to create turmoil within the peace, and to rid those threats/weak links, war needs to be waged against them.

Most wars among man starts with conflicting ideals or some plot to have complete control of neighbors. For example, WWII started because Hitler wanted his way. He wanted to spread his ideal of Arianism to have one, pure race and to do so he had to conquer those around him. Wrong as it is, it was just an idea. However, where there’s just one idea, there’s always another idea to butt heads with it and so a war began. It’s just natural, and to say “we can all get along” is just silly. Silly mainly because people have the idea that peace can be achieved and sustained forever. It can’t. It won’t.
Peace and war are, in a sense, symbiotic. Not literally, no, but in a loose sense they exist thanks to one another. There can be no peace without war, and there can be no war without peace.
Peace is threatened or weakened all the time, and war is created to eliminate those threats and weakening forces to restore peace. Then peace is threatened again and another war comes about in order to destroy the threat.

Think of it this way. Take the human body or any other living organism as an example. For me, I’m using the human body. It has an immune system designed to keep the body working to the best that it can work and maintain its health. However, there are always germs in the body that are there to weaken it. The body is always keeping these germs at bay in an effort to continue the peace. Germs do, however, sometimes gain the upper hand to cause a disturbance in health, and peace is upset. To restore this peace (or health), the body goes at war against the infecting germs and it eventually wins, and the body is once again at peace until the next germ comes along. Health and the immune system is peace, and war is the immune system fighting off the germs that compromise health.
The world works the same way. Peace is becomes threatened or weakened, causing that peace to become compromised. To restore the peace, war breaks out. For example, in WWII the Axis powers were the germs that compromised the world’s health, and the Allies were the immune system to overpower the germ and return a period of peace to the world until the next war broke out.

Basically, war=peace.


4 responses to “Random topic: War/Peace

  1. I agree with you. War is needed even if it seems like a bad thing. That it could be handled wrongly? Yes. But we still need it in order to be able to learn from it. Like good and bad you can’t have one without the other. Good comparison to the human body.


    War and Peace are nothing alike. War is stupid and used for those who have no other ways to be able to settle their differences. Like two kids in a sandbox (probably badly put x.x ) One takes the other’s toy and it starts with a slap till theyre both beating each other to the death and sending all their troops out. Peace also seems like a very unlikely thing just because it is human nature to be agressive and selfish. There is no true reason for going to war. Power or supplies because you need to prove that you’re better than everyone else? I can see if issues have to be handled like hostage countries but true battle, no unless something is immorally being stolen.

    But war does not equal peace. True peace is something we shouldn’t even strive for. War is inevitable. even if some people wanted to believe in peace, the reality is not being able to get away from it. it is pointless and unnessecary.

    When a person becomes better, germs never really go away. They’re always there. Until the next time they strike.

    • I disagree with you saying there’s no true reason for going to war. I do believe it was justified in the American Revolution. I do believe it was justified in the Civil War. WWII was justified as well, we entered in retaliation to what Japan did to us. The first war we didn’t need to be in was the Korean war I think. From there up until the retaliation of 9/11 war wasn’t even necessary I think. That’s just America though. There’s not always a true reason, but there isn’t never one at the same time.
      And I like that your argument had something that was in agreement with what I said, not arguing it. xP

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