Nine Days Later…

If there’s one thing everyone needs to know about the military, it’s that it makes life incredibly busy for all of those who are part of it. Haha. My sincerest apologies for not posting in over a week. Guess I may as well take the time to update everyone now.

Well, there isn’t much to tell about basic training other than it was rough at first, not so rough at the end. All in all it was pretty easy. Tech School is where I went to learn the basics about my specific job in the Air Force. I can tell you all very generally what it is I do. My AFSC (Air Force Speciality Code) is 2W031, Munitions Systems Apprentice. It’s pretty straightforward that entails…munitions. And the systems of which. Explodey things, for everyone who may still be a little confused. That was another eight (almost 9) weeks of training. While I was there, I received my orders for my first duty station, which is where I am currently at Osan AB, Republic of Korea. I’m here for a year and after I’m done, I go to Aviano AB, Italy for a minimum of two years but I plan to extend to three. I’m definitely excited for that, I’ve always wanted to go there and explore that side of my roots.
I’ve been in South Korea for almost four months now, only a little over 8 to go. At first when I found out I was coming here, I hated the idea. But I forced myself into looking at the brighter side of things, you know…like I’m getting to explore the world and I’m only 20 (I had a birthday on the 9th, by the way) and other stuff like that. So I began to be okay with coming here, but now I’m over it. I don’t hate the place as much as I say I do, I just don’t think it’s appropriate for an airman’s first duty station. But I deal with it. I’ve tried going to Seoul a few times but those plans always get botched in one way or another. I’ve been snowboarding once so far and that’s about it. Basically, for being here almost four months I haven’t exactly done a lot of stuff. I’m looking to change that here soon. I’ve just been busy.

I’m still working on ideas on what to do with this blog to bring it back to life, don’t worry. I’ll be bouncing ideas off of whatever viewers I have to get an idea of what will work and what won’t. Right now, I can definitely say I’m thinking about video logs.

Unfortunately, this is all I have time for right now. I’m definitely going to try and be more active, once every few days at the minimum.
Stay safe everyone.


I’m back, baby.

I completely forgot I even had this thing. I’ve definitely been busy.

First off, Happy New Year to anyone who sees this. Secondly, I’ve got a lot to tell but right now just isn’t the time as I’m getting ready to go to sleep. But just a quick update wouldn’t hurt I guess.
I’ve obviously finished basic training, I finished tech school almost four months ago and I’m now stationed in South Korea, livin’ the Air Force life. So far it’s been pretty great. There’s been some downs but mostly ups, and that’s good. I’m excited to continue on.

So, to ring in the new year I have several ideas for posts to make. Stories, more controversial posts, maybe some Q&A, and some other things I don’t want to reveal at the moment. I think it’ll be a good posting year. First thing I have to do is get viewers back and then some. So, if you’re reading this I’d like to get going on the Q&A thing. Leave me a question and I’ll get on top of answering it as thoroughly as I can. 🙂

That’s all for now, stay safe everyone.

4 days…

I’m getting anxious. On the 6th I’ll be going to my recruiter’s office at 0900 to give my final reporting statement as “Trainee Tisone”, have my last breakfast with my mom, then go up to Phoenix to do my final swear in. Then I rest that night and the next morning I’ll get bussed to the airport, get flown to San Antonio, then bussed to Lackland AFB where I will begin my basic training.
The excitement is just…overwhelming. Nerves? None yet. I hear once you’re on the final bus ride is when they kick in, we’ll see.

This is the start of my life. I’ve had many people who support me in my decision and a few who have been against it for whatever reason. It’s not about going to war to fight for some politicians interests. Unlike the blind I know there’s more to war than just that. Counter-terrorism isn’t about oil and it’s more widespread than just the Middle East.
It’s about serving my country, giving back, doing what I want to do, doing what I need to do. This is my calling. I had forgotten about it since the time I first said I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was six years old. Six years old. Too often little kids say their dream job is this or that, then they lose sight of it or never really meant it. That was almost me. Almost. Now I’m pursuing the dream and I will live it.

To those of you who read this and live in Tucson, Arizona, I’m sorry to say I don’t ever want to end up here again. Visiting is fine for a week or two max, but living here is something I don’t want to do after this. I want to end up somewhere new, see the world, experience all it has to offer. I want to give my kids more than the same house their entire life like I had (in my case, city). My mom is stuck on the idea that I’m going to try my hardest to get stationed here. To avoid hurt feelings, I simply smile and nod when she asks. The reality is, though, I’m going to try my hardest to not get stationed here. It has nothing to do with my mom, my friends, or anyone else. This place is just boring, it’s hot as fuck, it’s pretty gorgeous in some areas, but otherwise it’s not a place I’d like to continue my life. I’m hoping for up north somewhere or on the east coast, somewhere it’s actually cold during the winter. I don’t mean a low of 10 degrees one day out of the year and never again. I mean a low of 10 or colder, below zero wouldn’t be unwelcomed, multiple days in a row. A place where I can feel happy, comfortable, and as hippy as it sounds, a part of the landscape.
So no hard feelings, I just don’t want to be here anymore.

It’s time to spread my wings and fly. No Air Force pun intended. And I’m quite excited about it.
I guess this will be the last post on here until I can get my laptop back. So long, stay safe everyone.

About a week left

A week and two days really. Until my life really starts. And by my life, I mean mine. Me on my own, being in the world alone, making my own decisions (apart from what the military tells me to do). I’m excited, really. But at the same time, it’s a little, let me stress that, a little bittersweet. I’m leaving behind friends and family, but they understand.

Tonight I had a…nice experience. I was able to communicate with my sister. For those of you who know…that’s a little bit hard to do. It was a little emotional. But I always knew she was here and now my mom does too. Love you, Kaitlyn…

Today I’m going flying for the last time before I leave. I really can’t wait, flying is just great. The sky is where I’m meant to be and one day I’ll be flying through it at supersonic speeds and higher. One day.
I can’t really do certain controversial posts anymore…the government wouldn’t like that. I have to be careful what I say now. More posts coming next week, I’ll finally have time.

Brinksmanship, ahoy!

So last night it was brought to my attention that North Korea is up to more no good. I looked into it and so far it seems pretty true. So I’ve decided to make a post about it to give a little information about it then give my opinion on the matter. I’m putting this as controversial because I know many people will have many different opinions and hopefully the comment board will reflect that, but that isn’t likely.

Earlier this week, North Korea essentially declared their 60 year armistice with South Korea ‘invalid’ and have entered a “state-of-war” with them. South Korea and the US have apparently played this threat down as tough talk because of the North’s history of bellicose rhetoric, which basically and loosely means ‘aggressive bullshit’, empty threats if you will. The KCNA, Korean Central News Agency, reported a North official gave the statement, “From this time on, the North-South relations will be entering the state of war and all issues raised between the North and the South will be handled accordingly.” Pyongyang also threatened to shut down a border industrial zone, the last remaining example of inter-Korean and cooperation and a zone that gives the North $2 billion a year in trade.
Also, I’ve now read that tensions have been rising since North Korea decided to do order a third nuclear weapons test in February, but I was only aware of the one they ordered in December. China, their sole ally, has not been supportive of their actions and Russia has pushed every side to show restraint.

In addition to all this, the US deployed B-2 bombers, which are nuclear capable, to South Korea as part of a “drill” which was intended to show that we will support them and Japan if war breaks out. North Korea has been threatening Japan, South Korea, Guam, Hawaii, and the US Mainland with missile strikes for some time now. The US hopes that by deploying the B-2 bombers, which left Illinois and returned to Illinois in about 34 hours, it will give opportunity to go about this issue with North Korea diplomatically. I don’t think that’s the case. I think Kim Jung-un will take that the exact opposite way than the US intended. But if there’s any silver lining to that cloud, it’s the fact that if North Korea does start the nuclear war, we can be on the doorstep to retaliate and obliterate in just under 16 hours if our bombers leave from Illinois. Hopefully that’s enough to make them think twice about firing on targets of the US (including mainland targets such as Austin, Texas, D.C., and Los Angeles, California) and her allies.

So, what does all this mean? Here’s what I think. I think it means that the world as we know it is on the edge of ending.
Say North Korea sends a nuclear missile at the US or one of her allies. We have the available technology to shoot the missile out of the sky mid-flight before it reaches its destination. Hopefully, our government will not overreact to it and send some of our missiles back at them, which will effectively wipe them out. As much as I’d like for that to happen just to get rid of this pest, it’s not going to do much good. China is still North Korea’s ally. They will retaliate back against the US then we retaliate back and all holy hell breaks loose on Earth, and in no time at all practically every nation will be destroyed.
Now, say we don’t shoot North Korea’s missiles out of the sky and we end up getting hit here on the mainland (which I don’t see as much of a possibility since they barely have the technology to hit Guam or Hawaii) and our government does retaliate. Our B-2s go over, launch their payload, wipe out North Korea and turn it into rubble, China still gets pissed off, attacks us, so on and so on and the same outcome is the result. The world is screwed over.

There’s a term for what I described above: MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction, people. You’ve likely heard about it in your history classes. Essentially, it’s a domino effect of death and destruction. All it takes is one nation to attack another nation with its nukes. That nation will then strike back with their nukes. Allies of each nation will step in to fight each nation’s allies, allies of those allies will step in, and allies of those allies will step in. In the blink of an eye World War III is taking place and it’s not going to last six years like the second world war did. We’d be lucky for it to even last six days. The world will be in ruins because of one nation’s little man syndrome who wanted to show everyone they’re important.

Normally, I’m someone who’s all for kicking the ass of anyone who openly threatens the US like North Korea has been doing. But the only option for the greater good here is to be diplomatic and try to reason with them. This time we have to put faith in the pen and not the sword. We can’t provoke them, we can’t put boots on the ground to kill them all because they’ll probably just launch their nukes anyway, we can’t do anything hasty.
But since I know it’s not likely that we can talk down North Korea, I see these recent events as a sign that soon we’ll all be dead or wishing that we were. It’s the final move before a checkmate and I don’t see a way out without destroying ourselves. It’s a lose-lose. That’s how I see it at the moment.

I Pronounce You Man and Man

So I recently decided that it’s time I quit neglecting this blog…for about the fourth or fifth time. I’ve lost count. It’s not all my fault, I’ve been really busy with work and when I’m not working I’m sleeping and when I’m not sleeping or working, I’m doing other stuff. SO…let’s get started.

With recent events I’ve decided to give my opinion about this whole marriage equality business. I’ll make it short, sweet, and to the point.
I know the title only talks about two men getting married, but if two women want to get married I think that they should be allowed. Fuck what your bible says about it, fuck what you’re thoughts are on it, fuck what anyone says about it. Let them do it. Why? Because marriage shouldn’t be restricted to a man and a woman who are in love. If a man loves a man (or a woman loves a woman) and wants to marry him (or her) and spend the rest of his life with him (or her) then he (or she) should be allowed to just the same as a man who wants to marry a woman are.
So, why’d I say fuck what your bible says? Aside from thinking that entire book is a bunch of shit, there’s this nifty little thing called SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. I don’t care if this country was founded with religion, religion cannot be used to make laws. You can’t lawfully deny someone something because they don’t share the same religious view as you do or they go against your religion. It’s called discrimination and that is illegal. So in a sense, the making of same-sex marriage illegal is hypocritical because the law that makes it illegal is, in itself, illegal.

“Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because being gay is a choice…”. I believe Ellen DeGeneres said not too long ago “…why don’t you try being gay and see how it goes.” You don’t just choose to be gay, it doesn’t work that way.

So that’s my opinion on the matter. I’d have typed more but my thoughts are a little busy with other matters at the moment and I can’t zero in on this one topic.
Leave your thoughts below in the comments.


Today I decided to rant about the shootings in Connecticut, and no, it isn’t what you think. This was started on a website I frequent when I’m bored and feel like pissing people off. Which is a lot.

It basically started with people commenting about how pissed off they were and how wrong and bad they think it is. This was my rant that made someone call me ignorant. Lol. Okay.

“But seriously I don’t care. People die every fucking day. Why don’t we get pissed about that?
I don’t see anyone get upset at how many elderly die from being sick.
I don’t see anyone get upset over unborn children dying from their mom’s miscarrying.
I don’t see anyone get upset when everyday people turn up missing or turn up murdered after being raped.
I don’t see anyone get upset over all the men and women overseas who lose their lives for shit they shouldn’t even be there for.
What about the kids and adults who die from violence every day across the country? Across the continent? Across the world? None of you care about those people.
But as soon as something like this is put on the news, THEN you care. THEN you pretend to give a shit and pretend to be high and mighty because you worry about your image. “Oh no, better say something supportive about this so I don’t look bad…”.

Everyone is so inconsistent that it’s sad. If you’re going to give a shit and get upset about one thing, give a shit and get upset about the rest. You don’t give any thought to anything bad in the world unless it’s brought to your attention, then you jump on the bandwagon for feeling bad.

Welcome to the world, people. It’s fucked up. It’s cold. It’s unforgiving. Get used to it and stop caring only when it’s in your best interest to do so.

And no, none of these yous are directed at any one person, I’m just ranting. And now I’m done.”

And this is really how I feel. It’s the truth. And if you’re one of those people who can’t see it, then I feel bad for you.